About Us

About Us
The Zype Ad Network provides advertisers access to passionate entertainment consumers through both owned & operated sites and our first class publisher network. Concentrating on mid to small niche publishers allows us to craft campaigns that are pinpointed and finely targeted. Let us connect your brand or product to our furiously hungry audience.

We are based in the Hoboken, New Jersey and our staff includes advertising sales, publisher and content specialists, technology gurus, and an effective management team with over 25 years combined experience in the Internet advertising and publishing business.

Our Story
The Zype Ad Network started with a single site and an eye-opening insight into how powerful the entertainment audience could be. Our initial fan site was patronized by show creators and commissioned to help with product sales. The site sold hundreds of DVD’s and products and it’s success lead to creation and the acquisition of additional sites. The Zype Ad Network has grown organically from these initial building blocks to encompass over 1500 websites and 100 million page views per month.

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