150+ Owned and Operated Websites

1500+ Sites Represented

100 million+ page views per month

Even though our stats are pretty impressive for a niche network, we believe that the sheer numbers aren’t important.  Rather, we give advertisers the unique ability to target directly to the online destinations that entertainment fans frequent most and with the most fervor.   We believe that a razor is more effective than a hammer to cut through the cacophony of content and reach consumers that are most apt to engage your products and brands.

In addition to pin-point targeting, we offer Run-of-Network  and Run-of-Channel advertising

Who’s Our Crowd
The Zype Ad Network reaches individuals with above average spending ability and online purchasing history in the areas of entertainment, electronics, and fashion.

Our channels include:

  • tween
  • college-age
  • men’s interest
  • women’s interest
  • movies
  • television
  • music
  • and more …

Active Recruitment
While Zype is actively evaluating publisher applications, if your campaign requires a very specific targeted demographic or subject vertical our representatives will research and recruit specific publishers to provide you with on target visitors and increased reach.

In addition to all IAB-standard ad units Zype supports interstitial, floating DHTML, popup, text ads and email / newsletters.

  • 468 X 60
  • 160 X 600
  • 729 X 90
  • 234 X 60
  • 180 X 150
  • 300 X 250

Because we work so closely with out publishers, our representatives can also deliver specially tailored campaigns outside the traditional ad unit box.